What good girls must do

What good girls must do The things a good girl must do, as advised by the Regina Standard, January 3, 1895. Girls, we tell you, that you have to “double half sole” your better ways; to be seen less upon the streets at night; you have to use less lip service; you have to be more refined in your language and manners; you have to cease using so much vulgar slang; you have to stop going to every dance given; you have to help your parents in housework; you have to stop being seen in company with every Tom, Dick and Harry; you have to use less artificial means to improve your shape and beauty; you have to learn the ways of your mothers and good old grandmothers when they were girls; you have to learn the “art” of constructing an ‘eatable’ meal’s victuals; you have to learn how to make a shirt and how to make pants without putting the pockets at the knee; you have to take better care of yourselves; you have to cast all your pride, conceit and deceit to the four winds; you have to be found four times at home to your absence once; you have to learn to read fluently and write sensibly; you have to use no vulgarity at any time or place; you have to get it into your shapely and darling heads that young men of sense are watching your every move in life; you have to be saving to the extreme end, but not stingy; you have to take and heed good advice, especially from your parents; you have to shun everything that will create gossip about yourselves; you have to be ladies; you have to be social, kind, polite, agreeable, amiable and sensible; you have to do all these things and many more or your chances for husbands will be very slim indeed, and your names will be “Miss Dennis” in single wretchedness all your days.

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