Woman preacher silenced

A daring female preacher in Nova Scotia was “completely extinguished,” the Halifax Novascotian reported, April 3, 1828 in the following item.

We received by the Mail from Miramichi, a printed discourse, delivered at Newcastle, by a Mr. Coony, from the text “Let your women keep silence in the churches.” It was delivered for the purpose of putting down the Female Preacher, who has been fulminating fire and brimstone against the good folks at that place, and though somewhat overstrained as to style, contains much sound doctrine, and according to the preface, has completely extinguished the petticoat Luminary. Silence and modesty, particularly in the churches, Mr. C. contends, should be distinguished features of female character—to any of our fair but loquacious readers, who may doubt this assertion, we are ready to lend the Pamphlet.

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