Lament for hanging 17-year-old

Law and order 1822-1967

The Peterborough Review laments the hanging of a youth, June 11, 1910.

The government says that Robert Henderson must die for killing Margaret McPherson. So the law will slay the child. Just 17, this unfortunate youth would have been better had he died a babe.

They took a life for a life in the days of Moses, but the Almighty is on record as leaving Cain alive. In building homes, we no longer live in tents, as the ancients. In battle we no longer use the ram. In all things we have progressed, exploring earth, air and sea. But we still hang, and on the 23rd of this month an irresponsible degenerate youth will be dispatched, not by the garrote, as in Spain, by the guillotine, or gun, as in war, but by the end of a rope, and this in a city of churches, in this civilized land, in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and ten.

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